It’s amazing the amount of money we spend on anti aging and health products for our skin. Just check out the aisles of skin products at your local store and it’s no wonder it’s a trillion dollar industry across the world!

Yet, are these wondrous products actually providing you with the benefits that they promise? Probably not if you don’t properly exfoliate and cleanse regularly. To maximize any skin application, we need to open your pores so that all your collagen boosting products actually get absorbed. This way, your skin looks and stays younger looking!

We also need to properly determine your type of skin. Is it dry? Is it oily? Or perhaps it’s a combination of both depending upon the parts of your face. Only a professional skin analysis by a Master Aesthetician can effectively determine your skin type. To do this properly, we will give your face a thorough cleansing and under a microscopic lens examine the fine details of your skin including the types of pores and fine lines.

After an expert facial, you’ll feel like your skin is glowing. It’s not only therapeutic but also relaxing. To truly boost your collagen known as your natural anti aging serum, washing twice a day is simply not enough. A proper facial is required (once a month is advised by most dermatologists) in making sure that you look and feel vibrant, healthy and beautiful.

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