Hair Removal


Unwanted hair can make us feel unattractive, self conscious and insecure. There are endless options to remove unwanted hair and at Ruberto Salon, we provide a selection of services that are affordable and effective. Most of our clients take advantage of a combination of solutions depending upon the parts of your body, your budget and most importantly, your uniqueness.


Administered by Sweeta Goralia, Master Aesthetician, threading is primarily utilized to remove facial hair. Eyebrow shaping is the most popular purpose for facial threading but it’s also ideal for treating the upper lip, chin, side brows and the neck. The advantages are that it’s quite affordable, less time consuming, and less painful. Threading provides zero chance of scarring, and is ideal for those going through hormonal changes because laser therapy is not recommended for such folks.

The inherent disadvantages to threading is that it’s non-permanent and not ideal for other parts of the body.


Waxing is effective for all parts of the body including inner thighs, bikini lines, bellies, backs, chests and legs. Like threading, waxing is affordable, less time consuming than laser and non-permanent with zero chance of scarring. The disadvantages are that it could be painful, result in bleeding in some cases, and depending upon your hair growth rate, require regular maintenance visits.

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