Ohio State University recently published the results of a study that focused on the proven benefits of “Reiki”, an ancient spiritual healing practice that originated in Japan. Literally meaning “universal life force”, the discipline focuses on healing one’s energy.

In Reiki, healing takes place on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. The focus is on one’s “Chakra” which are meridian points of the mind and souls. As we mature, our energy is inevitably affected from both the outside and from within. Sometimes these imbalances are due to physical ailments. Other times, it’s the result of emotional and spiritual issues that have yet to be resolved.

Examples are relationship issues, work problems, anger at parents, spouse, friends…By transferring Reiki energy into the patient, the practitioner can help heal by eliminating negative energy while maximizing positive life force.

If you’re feeling “drained” or even depressed, you very well could alleviate your condition through Reiki. Life’s all about balance and this proven Japanese discipline is a definitive method of restoring your positive life energy. 

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