Hair Cut/Style/Colour:

“Update your Look with our complimentary consultation!”

Our expert Master Stylists provide each and every client with a complimentary consultation to find the optimal style, colour and cut that accentuates your best features while minimizing those that you don’t like. You’re unique and you deserve your very own look. We’ll explore the latest trends and choose an individualized style that is made for you and only you!

Your hair style should take into account the shape of your face, your skin tone, your occupation, your preferred way of dressing and even your height!

For example, when it comes to skin tone, while you can follow hair trends, we need to compliment it by choosing the right shade. Some colours look good on warm tones while some look amazing on cool tones. We should select a colour that is either of the two: two tones darker or two tones lighter than your natural hair colour depending upon your tone.

So the first step for us to maximize your “wow factor” is to figure out your unique skin tone. Before visiting our salon, wash your face completely and remove all make up that can change your natural colour. Our well lit rooms with ample natural light will provide the perfect setting for our skin analysis. Bring a couple of different coloured shirts (preferably blue and red). If your skin looks better against the blue blouse, you have a cool tone. If it looks better against the red, you have warm toned skin.

Another trick is to examine the veins in your wrist. People with cool skin tones tend to have blue or purple veins while folks with warmer skin tones have greenish veins.

If we determine that you have a warm skin tone, you’ll want a hair colour that is cooler to contrast against it. If you have a cooler skin tone, then a warmer colour will bring out your best.

These are just a few ways to determine your best shade of colour. Choosing the right hair colour is a science so let’s make sure we bring out your best through the expert advice of our Master Stylists!


“Washing Twice a Day is NOT Enough!”

It’s amazing the amount of money we spend on anti aging and health products for our skin. Just check out the aisles of skin products at your local store and it’s no wonder it’s a trillion dollar industry across the world!

Yet, are these wondrous products actually providing you with the benefits that they promise? Probably not if you don’t properly exfoliate and cleanse regularly. To maximize any skin application, we need to open your pores so that all your collagen boosting products actually get absorbed. This way, your skin looks and stays younger looking!

We also need to properly determine your type of skin. Is it dry? Is it oily? Or perhaps it’s a combination of both depending upon the parts of your face. Only a professional skin analysis by a Master Aesthetician can effectively determine your skin type. To do this properly, we will give your face a thorough cleansing and under a microscopic lens examine the fine details of your skin including the types of pores and fine lines.

After an expert facial, you’ll feel like your skin is glowing. It’s not only therapeutic but also relaxing. To truly boost your collagen known as your natural anti aging serum, washing twice a day is simply not enough. A proper facial is required (once a month is advised by most dermatologists) in making sure that you look and feel vibrant, healthy and beautiful.


“Let Your Insurance Pamper You through Massage…”

The benefits of a regular massage has been well documented in all parts of the world and cultures. While many view massage as a luxury, it’s proven to be essential in maximizing one’s health. Massage is not just about relaxation; it’s about quality of life, and rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul.

Massage is also improperly viewed as a necessity to only treat existing problems such as injuries and chronic pain. An expert massage by an experienced professional actually PREVENTS injuries and extends your longevity. Tension and stress go hand in hand in blocking the proper flow of energy within your body very much like a traffic jam does to your car from moving.

The manipulation of meridian points and tension spots through therapeutic massage will help you in so many ways:

Elimination of stress, Detoxification, Anti depressant, Increased flexibility, Pain relief, Anti aging, Increased serotonin, Better sleep, Increased concentration

Therapeutic massage is also very affordable. At Ruberto Salon, we offer both half hour and one hour sessions for only $55 and $100, respectively. We accept most extended health coverage. If you don’t have insurance, we will provide you with an invoice that you can use to write off against your yearly taxes.

In other words, regular massages don’t have to cost you a dime! Book today and receive your complimentary half hour Reiki session, your inner energy healing treatment by Reiki Master Sweeta Goralia! Please click on Promotions on our home page.

Hair Removal

“Get Rid of Unwanted Hair…Choose the Right Solution!”

Unwanted hair can make us feel unattractive, self conscious and insecure. There are endless options to remove unwanted hair and at Ruberto Salon, we provide a selection of services that are affordable and effective. Most of our clients take advantage of a combination of solutions depending upon the parts of your body, your budget and most importantly, your uniqueness.


Administered by Sweeta Goralia, Master Aesthetician, threading is primarily utilized to remove facial hair. Eyebrow shaping is the most popular purpose for facial threading but it’s also ideal for treating the upper lip, chin, side brows and the neck. The advantages are that it’s quite affordable, less time consuming, and less painful. Threading provides zero chance of scarring, and is ideal for those going through hormonal changes because laser therapy is not recommended for such folks.

The inherent disadvantages to threading is that it’s non-permanent and not ideal for other parts of the body.


Waxing is effective for all parts of the body including inner thighs, bikini lines, bellies, backs, chests and legs. Like threading, waxing is affordable, less time consuming than laser and non-permanent with zero chance of scarring. The disadvantages are that it could be painful, result in bleeding in some cases, and depending upon your hair growth rate, require regular maintenance visits.

Soprano Laser Treatments

“Laser Hair Removal without the OUCH!”

Laser hair removal has exploded in popularity in the past couple of decades. People prefer this method over more traditional solutions such as shaving, threading and waxing because it’s primarily more permanent. Factor in the improvements in this technology led by Soprano laser treatments, and you have the perfect solution for most people.

For example, laser was known to deliver quite the “ouch” during treatments. However, Soprano machines minimize pain and instead of delivering jolting currents of energy, most Ruberto Salon clients describe the experience as a gentle “warming” sensation with some feeling a very mild pins and needles type of experience. Factor in the new cooling agents devised to minimize pain and maximize safety, you have the perfect solution to removing unwanted hair.

At Ruberto Salon, our Registered Nurse will provide you with a choice of cooling methods including “Contact Cooling”, Cryogenic Spray” or “Air Cooling”. You will also be informed as to the varying levels of wavelengths so that you are comfortable while receiving the ultimate in safety and effectiveness.

You will also be advised as to the different treatment techniques that can feel very different while achieving your goal. Standard machines utilize what’s known as the “shot” method to one focus area which results in more pain and risks. The Soprano, on the other hand, is less painful and less risky because it delivers 10 lower pulses per seconds while the applicator is moved gently back and forth over the treated area.

This process results in a gradual heating of the dermis that effectively damages the hair follicle thereby preventing regrow while avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue.

The disadvantages to any laser solution is that it’s more expensive than shaving, threading or waxing. Typically, you’ll need 6 to 8 treatments for optimum results with potentially more for areas of the face and genitals.

Before we recommend or administer Soprano Laser Hair Removal, we insist on a “patch test” because not all skin types are meant for this option. Even if you have already had treatments elsewhere, we at Ruberto Salon insist that we go through this process to make sure that it is safe and ideal for you.

To find out more, book your complimentary consultation with our expert and we can determine together whether or not this option is meant for you.


“Laser Hair Removal without the OUCH!”

Ohio State University recently published the results of a study that focused on the proven benefits of “Reiki”, an ancient spiritual healing practice that originated in Japan. Literally meaning “universal life force”, the discipline focuses on healing one’s energy.

In Reiki, healing takes place on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. The focus is on one’s “Chakra” which are meridian points of the mind and souls. As we mature, our energy is inevitably affected from both the outside and from within. Sometimes these imbalances are due to physical ailments. Other times, it’s the result of emotional and spiritual issues that have yet to be resolved.

Examples are relationship issues, work problems, anger at parents, spouse, friends…By transferring Reiki energy into the patient, the practitioner can help heal by eliminating negative energy while maximizing positive life force.

If you’re feeling “drained” or even depressed, you very well could alleviate your condition through Reiki. Life’s all about balance and this proven Japanese discipline is a definitive method of restoring your positive life energy.