Soprano Laser Treatments


Laser hair removal has exploded in popularity in the past couple of decades. People prefer this method over more traditional solutions such as shaving, threading and waxing because it’s primarily more permanent. Factor in the improvements in this technology led by Soprano laser treatments, and you have the perfect solution for most people.

For example, laser was known to deliver quite the “ouch” during treatments. However, Soprano machines minimize pain and instead of delivering jolting currents of energy, most Ruberto Salon clients describe the experience as a gentle “warming” sensation with some feeling a very mild pins and needles type of experience. Factor in the new cooling agents devised to minimize pain and maximize safety, you have the perfect solution to removing unwanted hair.

At Ruberto Salon, our Registered Nurse will provide you with a choice of cooling methods including “Contact Cooling”, Cryogenic Spray” or “Air Cooling”. You will also be informed as to the varying levels of wavelengths so that you are comfortable while receiving the ultimate in safety and effectiveness.

You will also be advised as to the different treatment techniques that can feel very different while achieving your goal. Standard machines utilize what’s known as the “shot” method to one focus area which results in more pain and risks. The Soprano, on the other hand, is less painful and less risky because it delivers 10 lower pulses per seconds while the applicator is moved gently back and forth over the treated area.

This process results in a gradual heating of the dermis that effectively damages the hair follicle thereby preventing regrow while avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue.

The disadvantages to any laser solution is that it’s more expensive than shaving, threading or waxing. Typically, you’ll need 6 to 8 treatments for optimum results with potentially more for areas of the face and genitals.

Before we recommend or administer Soprano Laser Hair Removal, we insist on a “patch test” because not all skin types are meant for this option. Even if you have already had treatments elsewhere, we at Ruberto Salon insist that we go through this process to make sure that it is safe and ideal for you.

To find out more, book your complimentary consultation with our expert and we can determine together whether or not this option is meant for you.

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